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Authenticate your Krush Grinder

Register your product to take part in future NFT drops that will only be available to members.


Scan the QR code

On the back side of your Krush Grinder you will notice a holographic authentication label. The label features a characterized serial number which you will use to register your product.


Authenticate Your Krush

Now that your brought to the authentication page and you have located the 10 digit serial number please enter it. Submit the serial number by hitting done. The page will refresh and ask you for an email address. This is so we can validate your warranty on the product and ensure your product is authentic.


Validation that pays

Now that you have validated your Krush product, you can now register your email. With your registration, you can participate in minting Krush NFTs. With each purchase you will have the opportunity to mint one rare NFT that will gain in value.

How it works

Krush Grinders Inc. includes a serial number on all of their products. By purchasing a Krush product you will have the opportunity to mint a KRUSH NFT. This NFT will represent the validity of your purchase which will also gain in price. The owner of the NFT does not need to be the owner of the Krush Product. To mint an NFT you must purchase a krush product.


Purchase Your Krush Product

To take part in any Krush NFT launches you must purchase a Krush Product. The higher value the product the more rare your NFT will be.


Register Your Serial Number

When you purchase a Krush Product, there is a holographic sticker with a 10 digit serial number. This serial number is to be registered by following the QR code located on the label.


Register Your Email

By providing your email, you will be contacted about announcements related to NFT Minting.


Wait For The NFT Announcement

We will be notifying all those who registered by sending out a NFT Announcement.


Mint Your Krush NFT

Small cost associated


Put The Krush NFT In Your Wallet

Accepted by most wallets

Cash Out 12 Months Later

Resell your Krush NFT on Opensea


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Toronto, Canada,